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The Research of David W. Kuneman. Proof that bans damage the economy.
David Kuneman
Lighten Up with James Leavey,United Kingdom Regional Director,Citizens Freedom Alliance, The Smoker’s Club.
James Leavey
Watch the videos of Phil Williams,United Kingdom Regional Director,Citizens Freedom Alliance, The Smoker’s Club.
Phil Williams
Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary. By Michael Siegel
Michael Siegel
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and smokers rights.
Johnny Depp has vowed to defy any smoking ban imposed in Britain and attacks similar enforcements in his native America.
Johnny Depp
Catherine Zeta Jones travelled by private plane so that she could smoke on board
Catherine Zeta Jones
Moss Lights Up Catwalk On No-Smoking Day
Kate Moss
Read Joe Jackson''s Smoke, Lies And The Nanny State
Joe Jackson
Slash defies smoking bans
Keith Richards defies law banning smoking in public places.
Keith Richards
Electronic Cigarette, Crown 7, electronic smoking device with water vapor.
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Property Rights include the right to use all legal products, and Smokers Rights. Antis, What To Expect. The Cold Sharp Slap Of Reality
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The Research of David Kuneman
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·Issue #783
·Poland Winnie the Pooh banned from playground
·Canada Eating disorders are a scourge in need of a strategy
·UK Child Eyes Protection
·Issue #782
·UK Ban in House of Commons Property
·UK Ban fat customers from fast food restaurants
·Zapping the brain may cure heavy smokers
·Issue #781
·CA Foster City


  USA News: Dreaming of America

WATCH: Dreaming of America

By FireBug. Hey there Mr. and Mrs. Congressman, making all the rules down in Washington... can't you hear me hollering out in the streets with my bull horn?
  Posted by samantha on Sunday, August 16 @ 19:16:18 CEST (19475 reads)
(Read More... | News | Score: 4.2)

  The World News: Hengerland Rock!

Hengerland Rock!
(Put your dancing shoes on and watch this video!) By Paul Kearns. My protest song about the state of this country. (UK) It is a mickey take of the state of immigration and how we have become second class citizens in our own country. It is not PC in any way shape or form but, as I understand it, I still have the right of free speech. It does not take the rise out of anyone but our pathetic Government.
More Smokers Rights Music Videos:
  Posted by samantha on Thursday, June 25 @ 15:13:11 CEST (12643 reads)
(Read More... | News | Score: 4)

  The World News: Stuff To Print And Use

  Posted by samantha on Thursday, July 17 @ 19:05:11 CEST (19108 reads)
(Read More... | News | Score: 3.71)

  The World News: Netherlands Crusader Trip


Rokers organiseren kruisvaart tegen het rookverbod

  Posted by samantha on Tuesday, July 17 @ 18:33:40 CEST (13715 reads)
(Read More... | 2528 bytes more | News | Score: 4.5)

  The World News: Tobacco grants from Big Pharma

Millions of dollars are spent every year to sponsor anti-tobacco research and anti-tobacco 'grassroot groups' and to stimulate cities to introduce smoking bans. Everything with the target to push pharmaceutical nicotine sales.

Read here who is getting all the pharmaceutical bloodmoney!

Big Pharmaceutical Articles

  Posted by samantha on Saturday, January 28 @ 18:05:03 CET (14652 reads)
(Read More... | News | Score: 3.66)



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